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Reimo Elevating roofs

Reimo elevating roof fitting center

Reimo offer one of the highest quality elevating roofs available, having one of these roofs fitted will transform your vehicle into a truly versatile and spacious camper. With the optional Reimo elevating bed your van will provide ample sleeping space for up to four adults.

Reimo have been making elevating roofs for a long time now and have developed their product to a high standard, this we believe puts Reimo roofs way above the competition in terms of safety and design. Every Reimo elevating roof we install is fitted with a genuine Reimo strengthening frame, both the strengthening frame and elevating roof are European TUV tested and Volkswagen approved.
Our demo van is fitted with a Reimo roof, so customers are welcome to call in to our workshop, where we will be more than happy to demonstrate the roof system.

  • VW T6 Reimo Superflat roof SWB £5,190 (including VAT)

  • VW T5 & T6 Reimo Superflat roof LWB £5,800 (including VAT)

  • Reimo Roof bed £755 (including VAT)

  • Roof colour coding £720 (including VAT)

  • Ford Custom SWB Reimo roof £6,570 (including VAT)

  • Renault Trafic SWB  Reimo roof £6,890 (including VAT)

All Reimo roof products are TUV approved and come with a three year warranty.

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